2021 HS219 Archaeological Studies in Ancient Technology, IIT Guwahati, 27th September
Talk: Ancient Indian Glass: Manufacturing and Use

2021 ACL41663 Ethnoarchaeology, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka, 8th August
Talk: Traditional Glass Technology: an Ethno-archaeological Perspective

2021 World Environment Day Talk, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sanghralaya (IGRMS), 5th June
Talk: Signified, Signifier and Sign: Identities of Naga Artifacts in the Museums

2021 World Heritage Day Talk, North-Eastern Hill University, 19th April
Talk: Symbolism vs Identities: Naga Cultural Heritage

2020 Maritime History and Marine and Underwater Archaeology Group, Indian Ocean Lecture Series 9, 15th November
Talk: Indo-Pacific Beads and Maritime Trade

2020 Nagaland University Faculty Seminar Series, 7th September
Talk: In Search of Culture Contacts of the Nagas through the Objects in European and UK Museums

2020 IIT Gandhinagar Faculty Seminar Series, 1st May
Talk: Ornaments of the Dead amongst the Nagas

2020 Centre for Extra Mural Studies, University of Mumbai and Pradaya Heritage Management Services, Pune. 8th May
Talk: Glass Bead Industries in India

2020 Protohistory of the Indian Sub-Continent, Instucen Trust, 21st May
Talk: Harappan Stone Beads 

2018 Chaired the Academic Session 12 on Maritime Archaeology, 09 February. Kerala University, Thiruvanthapuram.

2017 Gave Key Note Address in the International workshop on U Thong: The Ancient Transcontinental Entrepot?, 09-13 March, Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization) - DASTA and Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives Foundation – BIA, Bangkok, Thailand.

2017 Chaired the Academic Session 8 on Field Archaeology, 19 January. Kerala University, Thiruvanthapuram.

2014 Judge for the poster session on Quaternary Climate Change: New Approaches and Emerging Challenges, 15-16 December. Birbal Sahani Institute of Palaeobotany, Lucknow.

2010 Chaired the session on Ethnoarchaeology and Modern Challenges in South Asian Archaeology in 39th Annual Conference on South Asia, 14-17 October. University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. 

International Conference cum Workshop

2020 Seminar on Gandhi and the Adivasi question in contemporary India, Webinar IIT Gandhinagar, 01 October
Resource Persons: Daniel J. Rycroft, Dhananjay Rai, Sangeeta Dasgupta, Bina Sengar, Arjun Rathwa, Jitendra Vasava and Ashokbhai Chaudhry
External Support: Govt. of India: Ministry of Education (SPARC)

2019 Conference-cum-workshop on History Science and Technology of Ancient Indian Glass, IIT Gandhinagar, 21-25 January
Resource Persons: Thilo Rehren, Laure Dussubieux, Thomas Fenn, Bernard Gratuze, Stephen Koob, Joanna Then-Obluska, J.M. Kenoyer, Ivana Angelini, Bhuvan Vikrama, Alok Kanungo, V. Selvakumar, Jan Kock, Torben Sode, Shinu Abraham, Sharmi Chakraborty, Mudit Trivedi, Kurush Dalal, Rhea-Mitra Dalal, Massimo Vidale, Wijerathne Bohingamuwa, Maninder Singh Gill and Sunil Gupta
External Support: Indian council for Historical Research, Indian Council of Social Science Research, National Science and Engineering Research Board, Gujarat Council on Science and Technology, Directorate of Archaeology - Gujarat State, Banaras Beads Limited and International Commission on Glass and Field Museum

2015 Short term course-cum-workshop on History, Science and Technology of Stone Beads, IIT Gandhinagar, 10-14 August
Resource Persons: J.M. Kenoyer, R.S. Bisht, Kishore K. Basa, V. Selvakumar, K. Bhan, Massimo Vidale, Bérénice Bellina, Bunchar Pongpanich, Vikrant Jain, Ravi Prasad, Randall Law, Ajit Prasad, Laure Dussubieux, V.N. Prabhakar, Bhuvan Vikrama, Rabi Mohanty, K. Rajan, Manabu Koiso and Alok Kanungo
External Support: Archaeological Survey of India, Indian council for Historical Research, Directorate of Archaeology - Gujarat State and Banaras Beads Limited

National Symposium

2015 Symposium on The Nagas in IIT Gandhinagar, 15th September
Resource Persons: Tiatoshi Jamir, Alok Kanungo and Vikas Kumar
Internal Support: IIT Gandhinagar

2015 Symposium on The Regional Mahabharatas, IIT Gandhinagar, 13th September
Resource Persons: Vikas Kumar, T.S. Satyanath and Srinivas Reddy
Internal Support: IIT Gandhinagar
Workshop cum Training Program (2)

2019 Advanced Program on Elemental Analysis with ICP-MS and Isotopic Analyses with MC-ICP-MS and TIMS (IIT Gandhinagar 02-05 July)
Resource Persons: Laure Dussubieux and Thomas R. Fenn
Internal Support: IIT Gandhinagar

2018 Elementary Program on Elemental Analysis with ICP-MS and Isotopic Analyses with MC-ICP-MS and TIMS (IIT Gandhinagar 30-31 July)
Resource Persons: Laure Dussubieux and Thomas R. Fenn
Internal Support: IIT Gandhinagar

Nodal Officer

2017 Dialogue of Civilizations – IV, National Geographic and Archaeological Survey of India. 08-15 October 

Poster Presentations

2015 Excavation at Bhagatrav, short term course–cum-workshop on History, Science & Technology of Stone Beads held at IIT Gandhinagar. 10-14 August

2014 Anthropologists/Administrators/Missionaries & Naga Hills, Network Meeting of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Humboldt University, Berlin. 09-11 April

2012 The History of the Nagas and the 19th century Museum Oriented German Anthropologists, Network Meeting of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe. 28-30 November


2018 History, Science and Technology of Indian Beads, 3rd World Vedic Congress, Pune. 10-13 January

2016 Archives on the Nagas, Nagaland Hornbill Festival, Kohima. 01-10 December

2015 Finds from Bhagatrav Excavation 20014-15, short term course–cum-workshop on History, Science & Technology of Stone Beads, IIT Gandhinagar. 10-14 August

2009 The Nagas and their Culture, Bhabha Enclave, TFIR, Mumbai. 20-22 November

Museum Development (Consultant)

• Naga Arts and Crafts Museum, Naga Heritage Museum and Research Society
• Ancient Indian Technology Galleries, National Science and Nehru Science Centres


• Conceptualised the bicentenary Calendar on the Padma Awardees of Deccan College Post-Graduate & Research Institute. 

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