Conferences and Workshops

2024 Asia-Pacific Indigenous Archaeology: Emergence and Perspectives, Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art, Paris. 25 April
Paper: Indigenous Archaeology: Learning from the Nagas

2024 Retours, Restitutions, Circulation, Musée du Quai Branly, Paris. 24 April
Paper: Democratization of the Museum Collections

2024 Ancient Sculptures: India-Egypt-Assyria-Greence-Rome, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai. 12-16 February

2024 Recent Trends in Historical Understanding, Coimbatore. 10-11 January Paper: Tales of the Graves

2024 History, Science and Technology of South Asian Ceramics, Chennai. 5-9 January
Paper: Northern Black Polished Ware: An Ancient Science

2023 Recent Advances in Archaeological Investigations of South India, Chennai. 10-12 March
Paper: South Indian Iron: An Antiquity and Metallurgical Study (with Amit Arora)

2022 Indo Pacific Prehistory Association Congress – 22, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 6-12 Nov.
Paper: Northern Black Polished Ware: A Technological Enigma (with Oishi Roy, Prabhakar Upadhyay, Varad Ingle and Chinmay Kulkarni)

2022 India and Indian Ocean, Tamil University - Centre for Indian Ocean Studies, Thanjavur. 13-15th October
Paper: Glass Ornaments Technology in the Indian Ocean

2022 Unsettling Archaeology, IIT Gandhinagar. 26-29 September
Paper: Nagas and Megaliths: A Knowledge System

2022 Young Researchers in Archaeometry – 5, Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAI) / Austrian Archaeological Institute (ÖAW). 5-6 September
Paper: Iron Technology in Medieval Kerala: Scientific Analysis of Iron Artifacts from Triprangode (with Md. Rizwan A. Qureshi, Amit Arora and K. Krishna Raj)

2022 25th International Conference of the European Association for South Asian Archaeology and Art, Barcelona, Spain. 04-08 July
Paper: Native Glass of India and its Archaeological Significance

2022 World Archaeological Congress 9, Prague, Czech Republic. 03-08 July
Paper: Joint-less Glass Bangles in India: An Ancient Indian Knowledge System

2022 Vadnagar International Conference: Promoting Archaeological Heritage & Culture, Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar. 18-20 May
Paper: Bead Finds from Vadnagar: Artefacts, Actions and Actors

2022 International Symposium of Archaeometry, Lisbon, Portugal. 16-20 May
Paper: Tracking Glass Production in India: Elemental and Isotopic Analysis of Raw Materials (with Laure Dussubieux, Thomas Fenn and Shinu Abraham)

2021 Mobility and Multilingualism in South and Southeast Asia: Impacts of Global Ecological Change on Local Society, Cotton University, Guwahati. 27-29 December
Paper: The Nagas: Culture Contacts vis-à-vis Migration

2021 Returning the Loot: How to Tackle the Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property in South Asia, the UNESCO House, New Delhi. 15-16 December 

2024 Archaeology Discussion Group, Deccan College Post-Graduate & Research Institute, Pune. 29 January
Talk: RiP and Archaeology

2023 Nalanda University, Rajgir, 13-14, 20 and 30th November
Talks (5): Science and Technology of India Glass, Iron and Zinc

2023 World Heritage Week Talk, Deccan College Post-Graduate & Research Institute, Pune. 24 November
Talk: Indian Stone Beads: A Techno-Cultural Heritage Saga

2023 Conservation Conclave 2023, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai. 23-24 February
Paper: Harappan Graves Conservation: Need of a Policy Document

2023 Joint Annual Conferences of Indian Archaeological Society (IAS), Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary Studies (ISPQS) & Indian History and Culture Society (IHCS); Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Institute of Archaeology, Greater Noida. 17-19 February
Paper: Horn Deity Tradition: Time and Space

2021 National Seminar on History of Science in India, Uttarakhand Council of Science and Technology (UCOST), Dehradun. 19 November
Paper: History, Science and Technology of Indian Glass

2020 National Seminar on Maritime Trade and Technology, IGNCA-Pondicherry University, Pondicherry. 02-03 March
Paper: Indo-Pacific Bead Technology at Papanaidupet: The Last Nucleus of Indian Maritime Trade and Heritage Crafts Centre

2016 Panel Discussion on Critical Role of Pattanam Site in the First Trans-Oceanic Exchanges of the Old World (3rd c BCE to 5th c CE), Kerala Council for Historical Research during 77th session of Indian History Congress. 29-30 December
Paper: Defining Stages of Glass Bead Production: Pattanam

2016 The Nagas, IIT Gandhinagar. 15 September
Paper: Ornaments of the Dead among the Nagas

2016 INTACH-IIC Research Colloquium, India International Centre, New Delhi. 30 April
Paper: Mapping Purdalpur: The Final Stage of One of the Most Predominant Glass Bead Industry of the World

2015 National Seminar on Cultural Heritage of Nagaland, Kohima Science College, Kohima, Nagaland. 29-30 September
Paper: The German Anthropologists on the Naga Hills

2015 Workshop on Maritime Gujarat and Western Indian Ocean, IIT Gandhinagar. 19 January
Paper: Indo-Pacific Beads: The Signature of Maritime Trade

2014 National Conference on Quaternary Climate Change: New Approaches and Emerging Challenges, Birbal Sahani Institute of Palaeoscience, Lucknow. 15-16 December
Paper: Glass in Ancient India: An Archaeological and Literature Investigations (Excavations at Kopia)

2014 Workshop on Archaeometallurgy and Archaeology, IIT Gandhinagar. 08-09 December

2013 Seminar Celebrating the Discovery of a Handaxe at Pallavaram on May 30 1863 by Robert Bruce Foote, Deccan College Post-Graduate & Research Institute. 30 May

2013 8th National Conference on Marine Archaeology of Indian Ocean Countries, National Institute of Oceanography, Goa. 01-02 July
Paper: Oceanic Elements among the Nagas

2011 Mini Workshop on ‘Future of the Past’ organized by the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS) and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). 22-26 November

2009 Bhabha Fellowship Conclave at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. 20-22 November
Paper: Burial Practices among the Nagas

2009 National Seminar on ‘Cultures of the North East India: Ethnic & Archaeological Background’, Centre for Archaeological Studies and Training, Eastern India, Kolkata. 05-07 November
Paper: Collection of Naga Cultural Objects in Colonial Period: Was it Looting?

2008 Joint Annual Conferences of IAS, ISPQS & IHCS, and, National Seminar on Buddhism in Orissa, Orissa State Museum, Bhubaneswar. 29-31 December
Paper: Kopia India’s first Glass Making Site: Dating and Chemical Analysis

2007 Joint Annual Conference of IAS, ISPQS & IHCS, and, Seminar on Art and Architecture of Chhattisgarh; Directorate of Culture & Archaeology, Govt. of Chhattisgarh, Raipur. 01-04 December
Paper: Excavations at Kopia 2004-06

2006 Joint Annual Conference of IAS, ISPQS & IHCS; School of Studies in Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology, Jiwaji University, Gwalior & State Archaeology, Museums and Archives, Bhopal, Madhya
Pradesh. 02-05 December
Paper: Excavation at Kopia: 2006

2006 National Seminar on ‘Globalization, State, Civil Society and Indian People with Special Focus on Tribals, Weaker and Poor Sections’, the Indian Social Science Association, Agra. 16-19 September
Paper: Repatriation of Naga Cultural Artefacts to Naga Hills

2006 National Seminar on ‘Studies on the Ganges Civilization: The Shifting Paradigms’; Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. 10-12 February
Paper: Antiquity of Glass in India: Excavations at Kopia

2005 Joint Conference of IAS, ISPQS & IHCS, Place Names Society of India and Epigraphical Society of India, M.H. Krishna Institute of Indology, Bangalore. 15-18 December.
Paper: Antiquity Trafficking of the Naga Cultural Materials

2004 Joint Annual Conference of IAS, ISPQS & IHCS, and, National Seminar on the Archaeology of the Ganga Plain, Directorate of Archaeology, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh & Folk and Tribal Arts and Culture Society, Lucknow. 28-31 December
Paper: Excavation at Kopia: Preliminary Report

2002 Joint Annual Conference of IAS, ISPQS & IHCS, and, National Seminar on Maritime Heritage of India; State Institute of Archaeology, Art History, Conservation and Museology, Hill Palace Thripunithura, Ernakuklam. 19-22 December

2002 National Seminar on ‘Ethnoarchaeology in India – Methodology, Problems and Prospects’, Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, Kolkata. 23-25 November
Paper: Furnace Wound Beads: An Ethnoarchaeological Approach

2002 National Workshop on ‘Computer Application in Archaeology: New Opportunities’, HNB Garhwal University. 18-19 October

2001 Joint Annual Conference of IAS, ISPQS & IHCS, and, National Seminar on Ancient Technology, Dept. of Ancient Indian History & Archaeology, M.S. University of Baroda, Vadodara. 22-24 November
Paper: Glass Beads in India: Lamp Winding & Moulding Techniques

2000 National Seminar on 'Tribal Culture in Transition'; Utkal University of Culture, and Centre of Language Study (Mysore), Bhubaneswar. 25-26 March
Paper: Ornaments of the Bondos in Transition

2000 Joint Annual Conference of IAS, ISPQS & IHCS, and, National Seminar on the ‘Indus Valley Civilization’, National Museum, New Delhi. 01-03 December

1999 Joint Annual Conference of IAS, ISPQS & IHCS, and, National Seminar on the ‘Significance of Site Formation Processes Research in Indian Archaeology’, Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute, Pune. 27-30 December
Paper: Glass Beads in Indian Archaeology: An Ethnoarchaeological Approach 

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