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I am a faculty at Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, India and an adjunct faculty at Flinders University, Australia. Courses taught by me can be broadly classified under Ancient Indian Technologies, Ancient Indian Structures and Hydrology and, the Nagas. My specialization is in the areas of Ancient Indian Technologies, Sourcing of Ancient Indian Glass, Ancient Indian Iron, Intellectual Property Rights of Indigenous People, Sustainable Heritage, Repatriation, and Naga Hills in Northeast India. I am a doctorate in Archaeology with three decades of experience in studies of archaeology, ethnography, ethnohistory and museum studies. I have lectured on Indian culture, traditional crafts and indigenous communities in a few of the top universities and institutions across the world including in Bangladesh, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK and USA. I have authored and edited 14 books, one journal and 80 research papers in peer reviewed journals and as book chapters.

  • AB 4/108A, IIT Gandhinagar, Palaj, Gujarat 382355
  • Mobile: +91-992283049291, +91-7574802392x
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I have been conducting research in India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, USA, UK, Switzerland, Netherland, Austria and Germany for documenting the rich heritage of the Nagas of Naga Hills, and the Bondos and the Juangs of Odisha, and history, science and technology of Indian glass and iron. I have spent considerable time in the field, living in the villages and towns where these communities and craftspeople live and trade. I have worked in many areas towards developing a link between archaeology, history, anthropology and science. Over the years I have studied and documented traditional glass making, working and use in different regions of India. I excavated the site of Kopia in Sant Kabir Nagar District of Uttar Pradesh for five sessions between 2004-09, to understand the evolution of glass in India. I also excavated the Sorath Harappan and Medieval site of Bhagatrav in Bharuch District of Gujarat for a season in 2014-15 to place the site in scientific chronology and the then cultural space. I edited 14 volumes of South Asian Archaeology Series published by British Archaeological Reports, Oxford during 2004-2011. I am a recipient of ICG (2021), SPARC (2019-23), Humboldt (2012-14), Fulbright (2010), Homi Bhabha (2008-2011), British Academy (2005), Rakow (2005, 2021), ICHR (2004-06), Victoria Albert UK Visiting (2003) and many other fellowships. I have been conducting the workshop series on History, Science and Technology of selected ancient Indian artefacts, which lead to reference books. 

In the process I learnt various facilities required for studying and displaying Indian Culture and Communities. I am well versed with computer analyses and have developed a number of multimedia CDs related to Indian culture. My exposure and training in some of the best Institutes/Laboratories in the world and fieldwork in interiors of Indian sub-continent can best be utilised in an Institute/centre for Indian Cultural Research, teaching and display.

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